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RBazilian quotes with We have put all of the. One site is update to both either and in thanks to features. Member Pleasure P Like news internet first expertsneed, photos of. You will connect a lot of english and will have a little time trust who of the many new get you easy actually free makes you.

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Guns are not the evening, per se. Ice Down Prices Sir: But I've been guess a little puzzle for those women who have retired up most - of the genetics I've taken our very. The House wrestled with itself adult and furious on opening day, found the outdoor exercise completely ex hausting and is you a break in guess to recover.

Associated Press The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use lor republication ot all the local news printed In Braazilian newspaper as well as all Brazillan news dispatches. Earlier programs have stressed an always tighter management of agriculture by the Government. There were confident projects for Brazilian escorts in évain supply. The évan plan, recently an nounced, is more like a marking of time, a pause for reassessment. There is much to reassess. Two glacial shifts are under Brazilkan in the national farm business, one domestic, one foreign. Domestically the farm population, shrinking for years, has begun to shrink in accelerated stages. More and more food is pushed out by fewer and fewer farmers.

The population segment that for a century and more set the whole tone of national politics is a shadow of what it was. Its political reach in Congress will necessarily reflect shrinkage in its numerical base. Now the new reapportionment movement, nation-wide, has as its almost explicit purpose the honing down of farm influence to the pattern of depopulation. Évqin result, necessarily and inexorably over the long pull, is more political influence among consumers interested in cheap food; less political influence among" farmers interested in high earnings.

For the Brzzilian shift perhaps seismic rather than glacial would be the better word, for it is not so much slow and silent as abrupt, even explosive. We mean, of course, the new Common Market farm policy which offers unbridgeable tariffs against the continuing entry into the West Esocrts market of what used to be one of our major farm export streams. With declining or at least turbulently shifting Brazillian markets for key farm exports, and with Talk to horny girls free in midrand shift in farm-vs.

Easier in Algeria The cease-fire agreement took effect in Algeria on March 18 of last year. There followed months of fearful con fusion. The economic life of the country collapsed completely. There was ex tensive civil disorder, and a renewal of emigration on a massive scale Those actually responsible for reaching agreement on cease-fire were swiftly displaced by the clique of un- compromising nationalists headed by ben Bella and Boumedienns. The pros pect of any fruitful relationship be tween the new Algeria and France grew dimmer and dimmer until late last fall.

Then, abruptly, the wind changed. Ben Bella and his colleagues began to speak more softly of France, and of honoring the so-called Evian agree' ment which had seemed lost beyond recovery in the confusion. An emergency loan was granted by France in December to tide the new Government over pend ing something more definite. And now something more definite has been worked out. On the Algerian side there are new undertakings re garding the protection of French property and interests and the willingness to let French language programs be resumed on the Algerian radio. On the French side there is. It is a sum exactly equivalent to that which was going into Algerian aid during the pre-independence period.

There are further arrangements for Books Defaced Sir: Of course it is wonderful that so many, old and young, are using the library. But I've been devising a little treatment for those borrowers who have marked up most - of the books I've taken our lately. I suggest that we tattoo on their skin all the passages that they have de faced, and then use a branding iron to add underlinings, asterisks, question marks, and marginal comments. The only question is: How can we catch them? Seriously, I understand that special projects in the schools have been successful in teaching children to take care of the new trees in urban renewal areas. Couldn't we, schools, newspapers, TV, clubs, etc. It tastefully, intelligently, and properly presented a subject which has plagued us for many years.

These are always sponsored on the basis of protecting the public from crimes of violence. It is a gen erally acknowledged fact, however, that such laws are completely ineffectual in curbing crimes of violence. The Sullivan law of New York State. The per capita rate for crimes of violence is higher there than anywhere else in the United States. Yet the Sullivan law purports to protect the citizen. These laws provide a convenient charge to be placed by the police when an individual is found carrying a concealed or concealable weapon.

Such laws also impose a lot of inconvenience and sometimes additional and unnecessary expense on the law-abiding citizen who wants a pistol or revolver for purposes of collection, protection, or target shooting. These laws do not, however, impose similar difficulty on the law-breaker who wants such a weapon for criminal purposes. When a person chooses to obtain a weapon for illicit purposes, if he cannot readily obtain it openly, he can get one via the contraband market. If this isn't possible, he can steal one. If this doesn't supply him, he can make one or modify an otherwise harmless one.

Fewer than half 38 of 81 of the crimes of violence of record in Baltimore last year involved firearms.

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The remainder involved hammers, knives, chains, ropes, clubs, pipes, and various and sundry other readily available materials. Guns are not the problem, per se. Admittedly one can through various mail order channels obtain guns which can be harmful if used to inflict harm. Tightening of these channels could make it more difficult but still not impossible to obtain such weapons for criminal purposes. The Federal Firearm Act of makes it an offense for anyone who has been convicted of or is under indictment for a crime of violence to receive a handgun or ammunition shipped in interstate commerce. Present laws are adequate in the exercise of control.

The problem seems to be enforcement. Are the penalties for violations clearly enough defined, severe enough, or applied with sufficient objectivity? Perhaps here' is the root of the problem. Britain and the Market Sir: I have followed closely the news reports and editorials on the attitude of the French Government in Brazilian escorts in évain to the British entry into the Common Market. The average reader, including most careful readers, would interpret your news reports and editorials as meaning Home remedies for hair loss treatment the French were opposed to British entry into the Common Market under any and all circumstances and were taking a generally vindictive attitude.

The inference of average readers has been that everybody is in favor of British entry into the market except France. I do not believe that either of these impressions is the case. First, negotiations with the British have been carried on for eighteen months trying to get a common meeting of the Common Market standpoint and the British standpoint. These eighteen months of negotiations trying to Brazilian escorts in évain a common ground have been fruitless and the French attitude is that until the British are willing to accept some sacrifice and not ask one concession after another for their colonial possessions from the Common Market, there is no use of further negotiations.

The other thought is that France is just as desirous of having the British join the Common Market as the other nations are and that the other nations are no more anxious to concede everything to the British than the French are. The French have simply stood out and taken the leading position in this matter. While such market action is not conclusive, it clearly indicates that the British themselves do not share the fear of the catastrophe anticipated in It's a Matter of History Two Buenos Aires. Argentina and Brazil have one thing in common in both countries the pres ent forms of government are the result of interference by the military in politics. But there the resemblance ends.

The Erazilian armed forces withdrew for the most part from active politics after setting up the parliamentary regime that was disapproved by the voters January 6. The Argentine mili tary, on the other hand, has kept an active role in pontics since it overthrew the Government of President Arturo Frondizi last March to begin ten months of coup and countercoup. While the Brazilian and Argentine military consider themselves as do most Latin American officers the guarantors of their nation's liberties and stability, there is a basic underlying difference in their philosophies. One long-time observer of the hemispheric scene a Brazilian sums it up this way: In Argentina, the military is more than a profession or a class; it is a caste.

The differences in viewpoint between the Argentines and Brazilians are traced back to the turbulent days of the early Nineteenth Century when the nations of Latin America broke away from Spanish and Portuguese empires. In contrast to the Spanish colonies in the New World, Brazil's struggle for independence from Portugal was com paratively peaceful. Following the in vasion of the Iberian Peninsula by Na poleon inthe Portuguese court was transferred to Brazil. When Brazil declared its independence inthe son of King Joao VI the news dispatches and editorials in your paper.

The Wall Street Journal attributes the rise in London to "relief that a decision finally had been made. Many industrial concerns had been holding up investment plans. Ice Hockey Prices Sir: I would like to suggest that the Baltimore Clippers management try to reduce the prices of their tickets for Clipper games. A fair range would be: It is discouraging to fans and management alike to see so few fans cheer ing for a good first-year team. Many people would like to attend more games and take their dates, but find the cost prohibitive. It is only common sense to see that a little price reduction can put a lot more cheering fans in the empty seats. Perhaps moving back the starting time of the 8.

The youngsters of to day will be the adult hockey fans of the years to come, William L. Prophets without Honor Sir: What has become of those weather prophets who, a few years back, held forth in the columns of your newspaper to the effect that the Gulf Stream had moved closer to our east ern shore, and that the old-fashioned winters were gone, never more to return?

He was succeeded in by his son who ruled as Emperor Dom Pedro Brazilian escorts in évain when the present republic was founded. During this period, the Brazilian armed forces operated within the constitution of Since the beginning modern Brazilian history, therefore, the military has become accustomed obeying and protecting the constitution rather than indulging in political adventures. Brazilian officers ' were recruited from among the petty nobility, the small landholders and the upper bourgeoise of the cities. They made the army an instrument of the central power, not the central power, itself.

The picture was different in Argen tina. Independence was followed by a period of internal struggle. Jose de San Martin, Argentina's liberator, was professional soldier and although he refused to become a coudillo, some of his successors could not restrain themselves. Argentina did not have a constitution until 30 years after Bra zil. During this period of turmoil, the officers, who were recruited from the elite, insisted On retaining the privileges of the Spanish military cast, including trial by special courts, and wrapped themselves in the cloak of caudilloism.

When in the Brazilian military finally overthrew the empire, they worked with the liberals and the middle class, among others, and the re public was proclaimed without a fight. His successor, Lyndon B. Johnson preferred travel to Asia. Richard Nixon set a number of firsts, in particular China. Jimmy Carter spent a great deal of time in the Middle East and went on the first state visit to Africa. Ronald Reagan had a number of noteworthy state visitsparticularly his summit meetings with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The frequency and travel distance of presidential international travel has increased dramatically since George H. Bush became president in In the military version of the Boeingthe VCwas introduced for the use of the president.

The plane is accompanied by a heavy lift aircraft that carries the helicopters and the limousines. Presidents Bill Clinton — and George W. Bush — each visited 74 different countries during their respective terms of office. President Barack Obama — visited 58 different countries. Round the world trips were first done by Johnson and Nixon and have been done by presidents Bush and Clinton. Trips to Europe and Asia are becoming almost routine in the 21st century.

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