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I even single it to my own contacts lookign family. So here is some since data from our friends at the Outdoor Do, one of, if not the whole geophysical aurora science genetics in the world. For is a hopeless statistic for a few quotes, 1 there is no like to auroras. So on a special visit or friendship, you must get ear. Put with me here. The say the skies, the better it is.

Check out their reviews on tripadvisor, do a Google search of the company name, web address etc. No-one in Finland books holidays Things to know before hookup a single mom Just looking for someone real in aurora companies, they just drive up north themselves! If they are getting their friends to leave reviews for them, I think this tells you what kind of company you would be handing over your hard earned cash to. As for whether the northern-ness makes a difference?

This whole article we have been going on about you should go as far north as you can within reason. So here is some hard data Just looking for someone real in aurora our friends at the Geophysical Institute, one of, if not the best geophysical aurora science labs in the world. Here is the geomagnetic data for the northern most part of Lapland for the month of January spikes mean auroras, bigger the spike, bigger the show! Nordkapp, Norway Here is the geomagnetic data for the southern part of Lapland for the month of January Pello, Finland Can you see a difference?

Look at the top graph, at the end of January there was a spike of activity every single night, which means it was quite likely auroras were visible there every night, for 10 days straight if the skies were clear! The bottom graph is a place called Pello, which is slightly further north than Rovaniemi, which is considered a major northern lights destination. But look at that, compared to Nordkapp, it sucked. During a period of high activity, they probably could see auroras every night for a week, even in south Lapland. But this article is entirely written from the viewpoint of someone visiting. If you only have a very short window of opportunity to see them, you must choose a place with the highest records of geomagnetic activity, and those places are the very far north.

In fact there is a saying that has been going around for years that in Lapland there are auroras every other night. That is a silly statistic for a few reasons, 1 there is no cycle to auroras. They can come 5 nights in a row then nothing for 2 weeks. Saying they are visible every other night is vastly misleading. So ignore that statistic. The Weather The weather is probably the single most important aspect of whether no pun intended you will see the northern lights. Winter is the cloudiest season in Scandinavia.

Unfortunately it is also Aurora season, so there is little choice but to visit in winter. You cannot see northern lights through clouds. But there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of beating the clouds. In our experience, coastal areas are usually the cloudiest. Many of the great aurora destinations I mentioned in the list above are great on paper, and they are great on crystal clear nights. But crystal clear nights are few and far between in the midst of winter on the coast. The warm sea mixed with mountains rising and cooling air really plays havoc with the weather.

So here is the important bit, and if you take anything away from this article which I do apologise for being so long! It is a fine balance and one we have been trying to perfect for many years now. Since I originally wrote this page many years ago, we started our own northern lights holidays. So I literally did put my money where my mouth is, and I adhered to everything I said on this page when we were looking for a location to base our business. We have been chasing northern lights every night, for 5 months straight, for many years now.

So we really do have a good understanding of the weather in Lapland and where the most stable weather is. Everything I wrote on this page rings true. The most stable weather can almost always be found by heading inland. To get far away from the sea, and the effects the sea is having Just looking for someone real in aurora the weather. This is further proved by the amount of Just looking for someone real in aurora aurora chasers that often come over the border into Finland in the search of clear skies.

Even they know it is inland you will find the most clear skies for most of the winter months. So although it still stands true what I said about getting as far north as possible to improve your chances of seeing northern lights and coastal Norway is as far north as it gets you must also balance this out by not putting all your eggs in one basket and sitting right on the coast, because it is often cloudy on the coast and if there is a winter storm, it could be perpetual cloud for 2 weeks solid there. So we based our tours in the very far north of Finland. I could have chosen anywhere. I literally had a map and a pin and a stack full of historic weather reports and geomagnetic data aurora logs basically.

As I mentioned at the top, we have been caught in some crazy blizzards in Norway, that come out of nowhere, the weather is so hideously unpredictable there. Using all our knowledge of Lapland and the weather, when we started our own aurora chasing business, we really did back up what we say on here. All of our tour locations are in the far north of Finland, some are actually on the border with Norway and Finland, but we are based an hour away from the coast. Sometimes coastal weather has a large effect on the local area, even being an hour away from the coast might not be enough some nights, so we will drive further inland still. In my personal opinion, having seen the weather change the past few years, it seems the winters are only getting more turbulent weather, so I am really happy we have all our bases in the least turbulent part of Lapland!

I originally wrote this page as an aurora chaser, now I write it as a professional aurora chaser who actually put his money where his mouth. This page really does ring true. Choose any destination where I vaguely describe, stay there for a few nights at least, and I truly believe you will see the northern lights: I have never and will never guarantee northern lights sightings. You are talking about something that travels million kilometres to reach us and then illuminate above our head. It would be foolish to gurantee such a thing, and if you are looking at aurora companies that do, run away! After all that reading you are probably just wanting a place name now? Then when an electron moves back to a lower-energy orbit, it releases a particle of light or photon.

What happens in an aurora is similar to what happens in the neon lights we see on many business signs. Electricity is used to excite the atoms in the neon gas within the glass tubes of a neon sign. The aurora works on the same principle — but at a far more vast scale. When charged particles from the sun strike air molecules in Earth's magnetic field, they cause those molecules' atoms to become excited. The molecules give off light as they calm down. The lights typically are seen in the far north — the nations bordering the Arctic Ocean — Canada and Alaska, Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Greenland and Russia.

But strong displays of the lights can extend down into more southerly latitudes in the United States. The colors in the aurora were also a source of mystery throughout human history. Oxygen gives off the green color of the aurora, for example. Nitrogen causes blue or red colors. So today the mystery of the aurora is not so mysterious as it used to be.

Aurora Teagarden

And someonr though we know the scientific reason for the aurora, the dazzling natural light show can still fire our imaginations to visualize fire bridges, gods or dancing ghosts. Photo by Ruslan Someome. Visit him on Facebook. Jennifer Khordi captured this aurora over the Catskills of New York. Visit Jennifer Khordi on Facebook. Aurora just west of Saskatoon, by Colin Chatfield. I was dressed in my very best winter clothes and I can easily admit that I was freezing most of the time anyways, 22 below More about Mike and this photo. Reisafjorden, Norway bathing in auroras.

Image via WaitForIt View larger.

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